​Anthony Lojac JD, PhD​


We have been fortunate to enjoy the friendship, support and cooperation
​of the most prominent scholars in East/West Philosophy.

Our roots are deep.

Anthony was personally tutored in Sanskrit and Hindu Philosophy
by the Founder of The East-West Cultural Center,
Dr. Judith Tyberg,
​sitting together in her  home, studying from her book, “Language of the Gods”.

Anthony received invaluable personal instruction and encouragement from

Allen GinsbergTimothy Leary, ​and the family of Aldous Huxley.

We do Decentralized Research into the Nature of Self


We do not rely on anyone to tell us what is real, what is significant, or what we should do.

"Our primary concern is the Nature of Self; specifically, the experience and communication of the nature of self, above and beyond the apparent limits of rational human thinking.”

The experience of the nature of self is separable from the communication of the nature of self. 

It is simple but important to remember; it is  necessary to go above and beyond the limits of rational human thinking. 

We already know who we are.

Self-Knowledge is what our life is, and has always been, all about.

That is what Decentralized Research into the Nature of Self is all about too.

Anthony was instructed in Buddhist and Zen Philosophy by his good friend,
​Ven. Dr. Thich Thien-An, Archbishop of Vietnamese Buddhists in America,
​Founder of the International Buddhist Meditation Center and University of Oriental Studies in LA.