Acid Head Buddha​


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Acid Head Buddha, Anthony Lojac, Japanese
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Acid Head Buddha 
​the Japanese version



Acid Head Buddha

"A free-wheeling, fast-paced hippie fantasy

of one young man’s search for meaning in life.” 
                                       — Kirkus Reviews

The story of a young man’s experience
​in this life and the afterlife
  on a quest for eternal love. ​

Acid Head Buddha, Anthony Lojac

Think More Books​ is an independent publishing company, based in Beverly Hills, CA, publishing books worth reading, since 1999. 

The Perfect Buddha's Head: Maya & Karma from 1969 

a novel by Anthony Lojac

"This deftly written, unique saga took me places that I never imagined, and it
​opened my mind to a whole new kind of reality. 

It is a work of absolute genius -- it's as simple and as complex as that."

​"A perfectly written wild ride into otherworldly realms!"

"This book transcends genius... an act of immeasurable heroism"

"...part Hieronymus Bosch, part Salvador Dali and part acid drug trip... really strange and mind-blowing... This novel is worth serious consideration." Dead Trees Review


​​The Defeat of Youth & Other Poems

A very special, passionate collection of poetry
from Aldous Huxley

Introduction by:
Anthony Lojac

Published by:
Think More Books, Beverly Hills

​Anthony Lojac JD, PhD​


Business & Investing Keywords in English & Japanese
Essential Vocabulary for International Investors and Entrepreneurs 

by Anthony Lojac

Used by Libraries, Schools & Offices in U.S. & Japan


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The Perfect Buddha's Head, Lojac