A young man’s experience,

in this life and the afterlife, 

on a quest for eternal love.​​​

At The Research Center, our primary concern is the Nature of Self; specifically, the experience and communication of the nature of self, above and beyond the apparent limits of rational human thinking.


The Willam Burroughs Incident ​
with Acid HeadBuddha​














Angel is berthed in the luxurious facilities at Del Rey Yacht Club, Southern California's premier yacht club, in Marina Del Rey.

Anthony devotes most of his time to his own research, writing, and other creative projects. But he is also eager to collaborate with imaginative people working on their own ideas.


Anthony can provide editing & linguistic skills & strategic creative advice to help you do what you want to do. 


Anthony also takes very good care of Angel, a vintage 1969, all-wood Grand Banks trawler, expertly crafted from rare mahogany, oak, and teak.

​Anthony Lojac JD, PhD​


Anthony Lojac is a speaker, writer and lawyer, uniquely qualified in Japan-US culture, relations and transactions.

Anthony earned his BA in Philosophy and JD in Law at Cal State and Loyola Law school in Los Angeles. He worked in law and finance while continuing his own research and postgraduate studies for a PhD in Buddhism & Comparative Philosophy at The University of Oriental Studies. 

He is the only American graduate of the Japan Securities Institute in Tokyo, and the first American licensed as a stockbroker after passing the Japanese license exam. 

Anthony was also a founding member of the
Inter-Pacific Bar Association in Tokyo, and President of the American Association of Individual Investors in Hawaii. He has been an active member or Director of Mensa in the US & Japan; the Beverly Hills Bar Association; and CA & HI State Bars.

After 5 years on Wall Street, Anthony bought a sailboat and a small condo overlooking the Ala Wai Marina in Hawaii.
He was betting his life he could write what he really needed to write, and also, somehow survive.

Anthony is certified
JLPT1, the highest level of Japanese. He is also a licensed TEFL instructor, editor & translator.

"I think of life as our most creative & significant work of art. And the time we use to create it is the most precious raw material we will ever have.”