Anthony Lojac

Anthony Lojac 
Writer, Investor & Lawyer

Anthony devotes most of his time to his own creative projects, but he has also provided legal & financial advice to help other creative people do what they want.

critical praise for

The ​Perfect Buddhas Head 
Maya & Karma from 1969

by Anthony Lojac

"It opened my mind to a whole new kind of reality. It is a work of absolute genius."

"A perfectly written wild ride into otherworldly realms!"

"Transcends genius... a heroic achievement."

"This novel is worth serious consideration."

Anthony Lojac

269 S Beverly Dr #1400

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Anthony also takes good care of Angel, a vintage, all-wood Grand Banks trawler, expertly crafted from rare mahogany, oak & teak, ​berthed in the luxurious facilities at Del Rey Yacht Club, in Marina del Rey.

and coming soon...


The story of a young man’s experience
in this life and the afterlife
on a quest for eternal love.

published by
Beverly Hills