I was born in NYC & I rode my motorcycle cross-country when I was 18. I studied law, literature & philosophy in LA; became a lawyer & PhD in East/West Comparative Philosophy, then moved to Tokyo.

I studied Japanese & became the first American licensed as a stockbroker in Japan after passing their official license exam, 外務員試験.

I worked in Tokyo & NYC for 6 years and then I retired from Wall Street to work as a Lawyer, Writer & Investor.

I focus on Blockchain & the revolution in financial markets. ​I started english4crypto in 2018 to help educate & develop the crypto & DLT industry. I led a team producing English & Japanese materials for education in Blockchain projects.

I also spoke in Japanese to 15,000 people at the 2018 Blockchain Festival in Yokohama, Japan.

I am certified at the highest level in Japanese, JLPT1, & I am a licensed TEFL instructor, who has taught English to public speakers, scholars & many other professionals.

Currently,I spend half my time in Bangkok, learning Thai, enjoying my life, and working on various crypto projects. 

Angel is berthed in the luxurious facilities at Del Rey Yacht Club, Southern California's premier yacht club in Marina Del Rey.










I also try to take very good care of Angel, my vintage 1969 all-wood Grand Banks Trawler, expertly crafted from rare mahogany, oak, and teak.

​Anthony Lojac JD, PhD​


A young man’s experience,

in this life and the afterlife, 

on a quest for eternal love.​​​

Our primary concern is the Nature of Self; specifically, the experience and communication of the nature of self, above and beyond the apparent limits of rational human thinking.

​私たちの最大の関心は「本質」です。 人類の理論的な思考力の限界を克服し超越した所にある、認識とコミュニケーションの本質です。